Campaign statement on State of the Union

Glen Mills, PA - Congressional candidate (PA-7) and former CIA officer Shelly Chauncey this evening blasted President Trump for what she called his callous and misleading remarks on the economy, healthcare, education, and national security.

“This Administration has betrayed American workers and small businesses with a massive corporate tax giveaway, attacked affordable healthcare, undermined public education, and exposed our country to a growing list of security threats,” Shelly said. “Yet President Trump has the nerve to stand before the American People tonight and claim that his war on the Middle-Class is some kind of new dawn for America.”

Shelly argued that despite the Administration’s claims to the contrary, last year’s tax cuts almost exclusively benefited corporations and the wealthiest one-percent, while ignoring the needs of the working class and setting the stage to cut away America’s social safety net.

“What we witnessed a couple of months ago was a blatant transfer of U.S. prosperity to President Trump’s wealthy friends and supporters. Whatever small, temporary benefits that are passed to the American worker will quickly be outweighed by the costs of paying for that trillion-dollar giveaway.”

As a cancer survivor and the mother of a special-needs child, Shelly was also outraged by the Trump Administration’s continuing efforts to dismantle the Affordable Care Act.

“We have long had problems with affordable healthcare in this country, the most expensive in the developed world,” Shelly noted. “Obamacare is not perfect, but it provides help to our most vulnerable citizens. The fact that President Trump and the Republican Congress have worked so hard to eliminate this critical program with absolutely no plan to replace it is not only the worst kind of leadership, it is utterly heartless.”

Shelly, the daughter of a public-school teacher, a product of the public school system, and the mother of two children currently attending public school in Delaware County, was also deeply upset about the Administration’s ongoing efforts to defund public education.

“America has been the world’s leader in science and technology for decades because of its investments in public education and research. But now we have a Republican-led government that is trying to pull public funds out of public schools to send them to private organizations, while many of our public schools operate without proper resources, in unsafe buildings, and with dedicated teachers who are underpaid and overworked.”

As the only Congressional candidate in the race for the 7th Congressional District with national security experience, Shelly was particularly angry with President Trump’s comments on America’s safety.

“While President Trump ridiculously claims that his anti-immigrant policies are intended for the good of our struggling communities, he blocks sanctions against Russia despite their attacks on our elections, cedes Syria to Russian troops, and courts nuclear war with North Korea. At the same time, he insults and angers our staunchest allies at every opportunity, allies who have fought by our side in the War on Terror for nearly 17 years. President Trump may talk tough, but he makes this country weaker and less safe on a near daily basis.”

Shelly entered the race for the 7th Congressional District a few days before Republican incumbent Pat Meehan’s reelection campaign was derailed by allegations of sexual harassment. 

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Shelly Chauncey